CLARITY of planning Delivers a 1st Class Service

Core Values A Case Study on CLARITY

SMS Environmental recently undertook the mobilisation of a 2000+ site contract for a national postal service provider and demonstrated how the application of our core values supported its successful implementation.

The SMS team knew for a project of this scale a clear plan and smooth implementation would be essential, and therefore Account Managers Tim Gibson and John Mee instigated a series of pre mobilisation meetings to build rapport with stakeholders and share progress with the client every step of the way.

They put in place bespoke Standard Operating Procedure for all SMS staff to adhere to and undertook a series of toolbox talks with engineering teams, ensuring understanding and also provided training, oversight of systems and reporting methods to stakeholders.

As a result, potential issues often associated with a change of suppliers have been resolved quickly and with minimal disruption. The client is now receiving a service with global improvements to the type and quality of information accessible, and has reduced their risk from the offset.

The CLARITY and frequency of ongoing communication instigated by Tim and John not only supported mobilisation but provided stakeholders with REASSURANCE in the service being planned through to its delivery, 1st Class of course!

Our CLEAR Values Include:

  • Clarity

  • Leadership

  • Expertise

  • Accountability

  • Reassurance

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