Cite: Janice Haney Carr; provided by CDC/ Margaret Williams, PhD; Claressa Lucas, PhD;Tatiana Travis, BS / Public domain

There are some simple steps you can take to control the risk from Legionella.

  • Water should either be under twenty degrees or over fifty degrees and stored at sixty degrees to prevent Legionella growth.
  • Avoid your water systems stagnating e.g remove or control infrequently used outlets and dead legs of water.
  • Avoid using products in domestic systems that can harbour or provide a food source for the bacteria, such as flexible hoses, rubber and plastic compounds.
  • Maintain high risk assets such as spa pools, cooling towers, hot water systems, TMVs, showers and other spray outlets

Treatment chemicals are used in swimming pools, cooling towers and spas and is an effective way of killing legionella and other bacteria.  They can also be used in domestic systems as an alternative to temperature control

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