11 June 2019

Cold water storage tank inspections, clean, disinfection and replacement

Cold Water Storage Tank Inspection

There are many reasons why a cold water storage tank might need attention, and these can range from heavy corrosion, over capacity or simply non-compliance.

Our technical experts are on hand for advice as to whether to replace, paint or line a tank and will manage the whole process from quote through to disinfection to bring the tank in line with ACoP L8.

We have experience of working on tanks form 50 litres in capacity all the way through to 90,000 and our engineering expertise includes the following:

  • Insect screens to overflow to prevent ingress to the tank.
  • Insulation to reduce the effects of heat gain.
  • Lid vents to ensure that air circulates above the water storage to reduce organic growth.
  • Float valves to improve the turnover of water in tanks that may be oversized.
  • Water storage tank replacement
  • Water Storage tank refurbishment including Urethane Painting and Butyl Lining

For more information on our cold water storage tank inspections, clean, disinfection and replacement services please call 0800 138 21 21 or use the form below

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