11 June 2019

More about water systems reactive maintenance services

Water Systems Reactive Maintenance  Services

Remedial works are essential to ensure that elements of the design, construction, or operation do not lead to conditions under which Legionella would be expected to multiply. The correct design and installation of water systems are an important factor to help control the potential for Legionella growth.

Older systems and systems where alterations have been made can increase this potential, such as storage tanks that do not comply with current standards, or have incorrect fittings and the presence of dead legs, blind ends and inadequate back flow prevention.

To complement our water hygiene services, and to provide an holistic approach to our customers, we have an maintenance and engineering department consisting of design and support engineers as well as experienced project managers installation engineers and technicians who carry out remedial works either as a result of a risk assessment, or because our customer has asked us to make modifications to plant rooms which involves a reconfiguration of pipework or dead leg removal to make their systems compliant.

Our engineering team specialise in the installation, de-installation, including planned maintenance, service, testing and commissioning regimes covering mechanical works and refurbishment to ensure customers meet the requirements of the water supply and fittings regulations.

For more information on our Reactive Maintenance services please call 0800 138 21 21 or use the form below

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