30 August 2019

A prestigious award for the SMS portfolio in 2019

University of Oxford contract award for full water hygiene services Oxford/University of Oxford
Cite: Photo by Iulia Topan on Unsplash

SMS Environmental are pleased to announce that as of July 2019 we were awarded the contract for full water hygiene services for the University of Oxford.

SMS now provide the full services for the Universities 235 buildings portfolio. Ranging from 67 listed buildings, to the cutting edge design of our their most recent buildings used for teaching, research and administration.

SMS continue to meet our expectations and have contributed to a joint approach that has demonstrated visible improvements to the delivery of water hygiene services at every review point.

Head of Mechanical Services Estates Services | University of Oxford

University of Oxford


Following due diligence, despite current spend we recognised areas a compliance across their estate that could be strengthened, and where value for money could be improved. Using the technical expertise of the SMS team, this has now been implemented and the process continues.

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)

Following competency tests, further training for some individuals were provided which was addressed within the first two months of the contract. The feedback received has been extremely positive from the TUPE transferees as they felt they were welcomed to SMS and had no worries about their job security. We are pleased to confirm that those staff members who joined SMS under TUPE are now firmly embedded and active members within our business.

Improvement to Legionella Compliance

The company assumed responsibility for the University’s water systems and controlling risk management of legionella bacteria in August 2019.

Over the coming months, the Building Services team within Estates Services will start a legionella awareness training programme and set up a new water safety group to improve legionella control with broader communication and understanding of how minor building alterations can affect the risk of legionella proliferation.

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