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The SMS Environmental team offers expert knowledge, experience and guidance to reassure clients that the environment they are responsible for is safe and compliant. SMS is proud of its people who are all highly talented, highly trained specialists and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service that clients can rely on. SMS is committed to ensuring the best personal development of every member of the team, helping the company maintain the highest standard of water treatment service and be recognised as a water treatment industry leader.


SMS has been providing water compliance services since 2001. Our team are all highly trained professionals, scientists, consultants, engineers and water quality specialists, all experts in their field. Together they combine years of experience, working within different sectors and overcoming numerous challenges in the industry, that enables SMS to offer such a specialist service. There is a goldmine of knowledge shared among our valued staff, enabling us to take the pressure off our clients who bear the responsibility of keeping their environment safe and compliant.


Driven by transparency, SMS strives to maintain clarity and honesty at all times between company and client. Our aim is to take the worry out of maintaining environmental compliance and carrying out risk assessments, and reassure clients that they're safe in our hands. We know all the pitfalls and all the solutions and use state of the art technology to enable clients to have vital data and records at their fingertips when they need them. It's not surprising then that SMS holds all the industry standard accreditations you’d expect from a leader in environmental control.


Environmental Control is a highly regulated industry. To maintain compliance, and thereby environmental safety, it is vital to ensure that risk assessments and quality standards are in line with the latest laws and regulations. Failure to do so can result in accidents and/or prosecution. SMS ensures customers are meeting up to date standards and can be relied on for friendly advice at all times. SMS clients know that by entrusting us with the training, guidance and ongoing support of their personnel, they are doing the very best they can to maintain a safe environment and abide by the law.

What We Do

SMS Environmental provides water hygiene services to enable clients to meet their statutory obligations with regard to Legionella control. SMS also provides products and services that have synergy with the core business, such as other water treatment services, other water sampling, air sampling, air conditioning, ventilation hygiene, and other building services.

All SMS services are tailored to individual organisations. Our expert advisors visit clients to discuss requirements and create a service package to meet their needs.

To replace traditional methods SMS has developed Opuz, our unique compliance maintenance software application. Opuz is a market leading certified system which enables SMS and our clients manage assessments and record keeping online. Opuz ensures record keeping is managed in real time and brings peace of mind to our clients.  Data is secure and at our fingertips for monitoring, analysis and reporting.

In addition to these services, SMS offers environmental control training courses, consultation services and we can even help you write your water treatment policy documents.

How We Do It

Combining smart people with smart technology, SMS offers an intelligent,  transparent and competent service. We strive to see things from our customers' point of view and put ourselves in their shoes. 

We understand that there is an overwhelming amount of data that must be managed to facilitate the effective management of large and complex water systems. We also understand that managing all that data and using it to demonstrate compliance is a huge responsibility.

To overcome this, we use our own intelligent software system, Opuz, to store the data collected by our skilled team. Opuz is a cloud-based solution that manages data for health, safety, and environmental compliance with specific focus on Legionella control and provides alerts and trend reporting methods in ‘real time’. Opuz is accessible to both SMS and its clients.

Our Opuz Compliance Software keeps us ahead of the game

Our History

Our story began in 2001 when the company was started by a group of chemists, microbiologists, experienced and qualified WRAS-approved plumbing and heating engineers with a vision for providing a higher standard of service within the water treatment industry. 

Today, SMS Environmental is in the UK’s top 5% of companies within the water treatment sector with over 100 multi-disciplined employees including chartered engineers, micro biologists, chemists, NEBOSH & IOSH consultants.

There are now not one, but four SMS Environmental offices in Oxford, Derby, Cardiff (Wales) and Bellshill (Scotland) all offering our National Response service and providing tailored services to nearly 1500 clients across the UK.

SMS are proud to be the UK’s 1st full-service provider with a UKAS ISO 17020 accreditation for the quality of our risk assessments.

How We Began

Where We Are Now

Where We're Going

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