Our Vision

For our industry to strive for excellence, quality and integrity and achieve positive outcomes for all facilities users through the transformative application of competence.

Our Mission

We are committed to reduce our clients’ risk, support their understanding and give reassurance on the basis of clear thinking, visibility of our actions, expertise, and innovation. Serving as an example to inspire, shape and influence our industry to improve outcomes globally.

Our Motto

Our motto ‘Clear Thinking Made Visible’ succinctly expresses who we are and what we do. We distilled the very fibre of SMS Environmental to discover that everything we do comes from a single central purpose and we wanted to make that clear.

Our Core Values

At SMS our values reflect the services we provide.

We remain independent, transparent and put excellence at the forefront of what we do.

- We are human, and make connections...

- We go above and beyond...

- 'Excellence' is our attitude...

- We find the one percents...

Defining what makes SMS Environmental Different

We’re so much more than just a water hygiene company. We are humans with unrivalled expertise, powerful technology and incredible leadership within the industry and it became clear that we needed to create a brand which reflects who we are today and where we want to be tomorrow.

At 00:00 on 29th June 2021, SMS Environmental officially launched our new brand identity and it gave us immense pride to finally share our new 20th Anniversary logo and redefined core values with the world. SMS Environmental has grown significantly over the last 20 years and as our team approaches 170 strong the calibre and scale of our service offering has transformed immeasurably. Looking back at those early days back in 2001, it’s clear to see that we’re now bigger, better and more capable than we’ve ever been.

Our Values Defined


We embrace innovation, where others see problems we see opportunities, continuously discovering  new ways to improve and meet the evolving demands of today.


We are driven by people that do what it takes to get the job done, giving our best effort and approaching everyday with a positive attitude.


We stand proudly behind our exceptional people, products and services, with quality that exceeds expectations.


We promote a customer-focused culture, building personal connections, and creating a friendly, family-like atmosphere.

SMS Environmental has underlined its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity with a renewal of pledges that support the company's ambition. These pledges will be continually reviewed and used to measure success towards this goal.

Our Pledges:

  • To review and refine our recruitment and selection processes to further our aims of fairness and consistency in our Incoming Talent approach.
  • To review our routes to progression within the organisation to further embed our fair and consistent approach to Talent Management.
  • To enhance our training opportunities around bias and inclusion to promote awareness and set standards in all aspects of our working day.
Our Values

SMS Environmental Launches New Core Values - The Video

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