04 February 2021

SMS Environmental have formed a new strategic relationship with Active air purification and HVAC specialists, BetterIndoors to help UK businesses, healthcare and education settings create safe indoor environments.

Headquartered in Surrey, BetterIndoors, is the sole UK distributor of RGF Environmental Group, manufacturers of innovative active air purification technology that instantly eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2 at the point of transmission.

Using no chemicals or harmful substances and requiring virtually no energy, the active air purification technology works by replicating Earth’s natural air cleaning processes indoors. It does this by producing and maintaining minute equilibrium concentrations of hydroperoxide molecules throughout the indoor air space. When these active molecules come into contact with microbials, they break them down and destroy them and then revert to harmless water vapour and oxygen. The technology produces 1 quadrillion hydroperoxide molecules every second, quickly killing any airborne virus or bacteria, including COVID-19.

Originally established in 2001, SMS Environmental is now in the UK’s top 5% of companies within the water treatment sector, delivering specialist water treatment, air hygiene and other building services via a team of over 100 multi-disciplined industry experts.

In forming a new strategic partnership with BetterIndoors, SMS Environmental will now offer active air purification technology as part of its suite of air hygiene solutions – creating safe, indoor environments that eliminate the risk of harmful viruses and bacteria, like COVID-19, transmitting between people, without increased ventilation.

Andrew Hobbs, Managing Director of Better Indoors, confirmed: “One of the issues with the COVID mitigation guidance is increased ventilation air changes, especially via natural means, makes building less energy efficient. Therefore, since the outbreak of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we as a country have been moving further away from our 2050 carbon reduction targets rather than closer. Our solutions do not rely on increased ventilation air changes or passives and create an added extra layer of protection by instantly and continuously destroying COVID particles at the “point of transmission” without penalising energy efficiency."


Originally invented in the late 1990s, the RGF PHI and REME active air purification technologies have been thoroughly verified for safety and efficacy by nationally accredited independent labs and testing bodies in the US and by other Governments – and are proven to inactive of a wide range of highly infectious viruses and bacteria including COVID-19, SARS, H1N1 or ‘Swine Flu’, Norovirus, MRSA, Bird Flu just to name a few.


John Lees, HVAC Director of SMS Environmental, added: "SMS Environmental have always strived to be innovative and only use the very best solutions and products available, especially when it comes to health and safety and particularly with the current pandemic still being very much present. Building this partnership with BetterIndoors not only means that we can now offer a range of products and services which are designed to create healthier and safer indoor environments for our customers across the UK, but it also allows us to work with an industry leader like ourselves who are experts within their field and deliver on their promises. All of which are incredibly important to us as a company and our ethos.”

Dedicated to helping organisations maintain water and air quality for a safe and compliant environment, SMS Environmental operates on an international basis with offices spanning Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Cardiff and Bellshill, Scotland.

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