Holistic Building Decontamination

Holistic Building Decontamination Diagram

In order to maintain a healthy environment the water, air and surfaces need to work hand in hand. This is the holistic approach that SMS Environmental Ltd take with our clients. Our experienced teams provide consultation advice, testing and solutions to ensure that we identify and action risks that may cause harm. Providing assurance to clients that they are providing the high standards of cleanliness for their building occupants as required in HSE guidance. 

One point of contact, one partnership, a true understanding of the impacts that each element has on each other within a building, all packaged together within a straightforward audit trail delivered through a complementary online portal. Providing a smooth cost effective, efficient relationship for building management teams. Our holistic approach reduces the duplication and allows the clients a leaner supply chain to manage.


As a Legionella Control Association (LCA) registered company we provide Industry leading advice. Our onsite teams carry out every thing from water samples to full disinfections of water systems and cooling towers. Our Legionella Risk assessments are UKAS accredited and visible through our online Opuz system. These risk assessments form the foundation of the Legionella control plans we then put in place. Whether there is a change to your control scheme or the use of your building, ensuring a safe water system is an ongoing partnership, working together is key to minimising costs to the client and controlling risks. We can provide expert guidance, visibility and knowledge. Keeping you up to date with any changes and advice as business needs change. Providing a clear plan and actions to keep your water systems legal and compliant.

Air Quality

Our highly experienced team of engineers work with our clients to ensure that and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are installed, serviced and maintained correctly. HVAC systems ensure that occupants can have a comfortable temperature within our buildings, but if they are not working in a suitable and sufficient manner they can have a detrimental effect on the health of the building occupants. Air quality consultations can discuss specific or pandemic arrangements and alterations to minimise risks. This may be in regards to but not limited to direction of flow, volume of flow or extraction. Our ventilation cleaning is BESA TR19 compliant, the suitable and sufficient solution will be established for the task, this can be in a number of different ways from a conventional manual process through to using our in-house fogging technology. Planning and maintaining an ongoing schedule ensures that additional unnecessary costs are minimised.

Surface de-contamination

Precise planning and preparation, identifying the harmful element and ensuring that a suitable solution is applied. Our team are fully trained and experienced working with a range of relevant chemicals. Ensuring an initial clean removes any residue that may reduce the effectiveness of the disinfecting agent, we then use fogging electrostatic atomising technology to ensure that no corner is left untreated. Working To BIScS and Public health organisation guidelines and paying particular attention to touchpoints such as keypads and door handles, we ensure that our clients have confidence that their buildings are not harbouring harmful germs that may be carried around the building via touch points or air flow.

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