Remote Monitoring - Opuz IoT (Internet of Things)

Opuz is now IoT (Internet of Things) ready which means we can offer clients a remote monitoring solution to meet statutory requirements delivering:

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Anti Stagnation (Flushing)
  • With more to follow

Remote monitoring offers a number of advantages to traditional manual data capture; particularly when you are responsible for a large portfolio of buildings.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Reduced labour (cost)
  • Auto Alerts Temperature defects
  • Real-Time Reporting with full audit trail
  • Detects Ongoing Issues/Trends not possible via less regular manual documenting

Made by Opuz or Integration

Whilst Opuz have developed their own hardware and ecosystem we will continue to be open to integration from other solutions. You can take advantage of Opuz original devices or you can seamlessly map data with your existing IoT remote systems providing they are API or webhooks compatible.

Advantage of Opuz Integrated Devices

The biggest advantage to our clients using SMS/Opuz monitoring systems is that they are fully integrated within a system they already use, rather than having multiple portals for multiple devices. Our clients will still see the reporting and alerts they have come to expect from SMS and will still be able to demonstrate any action taken against an out of specification report (this remains relatively unique in comparison to alternative systems and is a major advantage of continuing to use Opuz instead of additional third party solutions).

This key advantage allows you to keep both remote monitoring and data captured from onsite inspection in one integrated system.

Remote Temperature Monitoring by Opuz

Manageable Data and Reporting

Using the power of Opuz to deliver the reporting and analysis of data you can have the peace of mind that we deliver:

  • Accurate Readings
  • Meaningful Reporting
  • Ongoing Risk Analysis and Real Time Alerts
  • Trend Analysis/Analytic interpretation of data
  • Interactive Charts and Graphs
    They aren't just pretty they are pretty useful, adding interactions such as hyperlinks and filtering makes our charts not just something to look at but the starting point for further investigation

We are able to demonstrate how the simple solution can link sensors to Opuz®, which provides a graphical illustration of temperature profiles and more importantly how it alerts users when operating outside of safe temperature parameters. User customisation allows us to set the frequency of readings and the ability to set thresholds for alerts via SMS text and/ or email.

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What's in the Box LoRa or WiFi Device Communication?

If you've looked into remote monitoring devices before you've probably read a lot about wether the devices and hub communicate via LoRa private network or WiFi? And you've probably been told one is always better than the other depending on who you listen to. Well the truth is there is no right answer, sometimes LoRa works better and has advantages in particular regarding range but in some instances WiFi works out more cost effective and has a number of other benefits over LoRa private network.

So how do you choose?

With the Opuz IoT solution you don't have to. We offer both LoRa and WiFi solutions so we can deliver the best, most cost effective solution for your specific requirements or even a hybrid of the two! Just speak to one of the team and we'll be happy to help you choose the best fit solution for your needs.

Other Techy stuff:

  • Devices/Nodes battery life +3 Years (monitored in the Opuz system so your alerted when they are running low)
  • If battery runs out data is still stored so you never lose it
  • Hub is mains powered and can communicate back to Opuz via inbuilt 4G or ethernet.
  • Live data is available for 1 year minimum and archived for seven years to ensure compliance with statutory Health and Safety requirements.

Training & Support

A comprehensive, and complementary training programme is available for staff involved in the planning & deployment of Opuz IoT and in the use of Opuz Software Solution for IoT Remote Monitoring.

Training will be onsite and backed up with useful How To videos and Training Guides.

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