Specialist System Installation and Maintenance

Watersafe approved plumbers for reactive water systems maintenance  and repair

Very often the findings of a Legionella Risk Assessment will recommend the need to carry out remedial works to ensure the water system is compliant with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) or the correct British Standards such as BS8558.

Our engineering team specialises in the installation, de-installation, planned maintenance, service, testing and commissioning regimes covering mechanical works and refurbishment to ensure customers meet the requirements of the water supply and fittings regulations (1999) and comply with the latest legislation on Legionella control.

Watersafe Accredited

As a company, SMS Environmental is one of a handful of water treatment providers to demonstrate a commitment to WaterSafe accreditation.

The scheme is a national accreditation body that checks and approves businesses and their plumbers to reassure customers about the tradespeople undertaking work for them. Our aim in ensuring best practice, is to build mutual trust and respect and to deliver a service you can be confident in.

Reactive Water System Maintenance

Remedial works are essential to ensure that elements of the design, construction or operation do not lead to conditions under which Legionella would be expected to multiply. The correct design and installation of water systems are important factors to help control the potential for Legionella growth. Older systems, and systems where alterations have been made, can increase this potential. Examples are storage tanks that do not comply with current standards or have incorrect fittings, and the presence of dead legs, blind ends and inadequate back flow prevention.

Water Softener Installation

Water Softeners are particularly beneficial in hard water areas where lime scale is prevalent. Lime scale is made up of calcium and magnesium salts which are relatively insoluble and over time the build-up of scale makes water systems become inefficient. Softening of water ensures the heat exchange surfaces stay free from scale and ensures good water circulation throughout thereby extending the efficiency and lifetime of the water system.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Installation

The hot water supply is typically around 60°C and is maintained at this temperature to prevent the growth of harmful organisms such as Legionella bacteria. Water at 60°C can scald, so using a thermostatic mixing value (TMV) will blend the hot water with cold water at the point of discharge to produce a flow at a safe and comfortable temperature of 41°C.

Water Tank Replacement and Installation

There are many reasons why a cold water storage tank might need attention, and these can range from heavy corrosion, over capacity or simply non-compliance. Our technical experts are on hand for advice as to whether to replace, paint or line a tank and will manage the whole process from quote through to disinfection to bring the tank in line with ACoP L8.

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