11 March 2022

Congratulations Adrianna Dymek Chartered Status

Congratulations to Adrianna Dymek on achieving the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health chartered status. The SMS Team congratulates you on your well-deserved success working through the IOSH process to become a fully-fledged member.

We sat down with Adrianna and discussed her journey through the IOSH chartered scheme and her personal experience making it to chartered status. 

How did you go about becoming chartered status and a member of the Institute Of Safety and Health? Did the opportunity come to you or did you actively seek it out?

When I was hired by SMS to look after the compliance sector, I did not know the variety of knowledge and experience that journey would offer. I was working hard to keep the standards high. The role is demanding and challenging daily, however, that is what I love about it. When I joined IOSH, I quickly realised what opportunities I can offer to the company through my progression within the IOSH Membership Grades. With the support of John Sandford, who was at the time already a Chartered Member of IOSH and the SMS Directors, I focused all my strength to become CMIOSH myself. It was hard work, but it was worth it. 

 Following on from this, what did you have to do?

There were various stages that I had to complete to attain the chartered status within IOSH. I started my process of becoming chartered by displaying my professional development and my commitment to continuous learning and maintaining the highest standard of work. As part of this, I was required to submit a portfolio and a peer review to assess my competence within my role.  

Do you think it's important to be a member of the Institute of Safety and Health and if so, why?

The status of CMIOSH allows me to be on https://www.oshcr.org/member/adrianna-dymek/

It certifies my knowledge, experience and competence. It supports me in building professional connections and supporting the consultancy offer; while giving me confidence in my methods and working processes. It has allowed me to improve internal procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of SMS Employees, contractors and clients.

What's next for you?

I am looking forward to building a strong and competent team, mentoring, and continuously improving the ways we work and communicate. An important step is to now offer our support to clients in the form of consultancy, auditing, and development. 

 A Career at SMS Environmental

At the heart of SMS Environmental is the people who help us provide world-class services. We understand as a business that the future of SMS is the people behind the scenes making sure deadlines and business objectives are met. Our staff work tirelessly every day and make sure our customers are happy and satisfied with the services that we offer. This is why we heavily invest in the people who make the organisation successful because they are the future of our company.

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