13 December 2023

SMS Environmental’s White Paper: ‘Assessing the Risk of Legionella in Splash Parks and Interactive Water Features’

As concerns over legionella outbreaks continue to rise, SMS Environmental has taken a proactive step in tackling this issue head-on. We are proud to announce the release of our first in a series of white papers, shedding light on the risks associated with legionella in splash pools and interactive water features.

This comprehensive resource serves as a valuable guide for those operating public facilities - including local authorities, university, historical and leisure estates teams - emphasising the importance of proactive measures in maintaining safe and enjoyable water recreation areas.

Its main purpose is to educate in a space where there is little to no guidance regarding interactive water features specifically.

The paper includes an instructive case study about a splash park that gained media attention after being shut down due to the presence of Legionella bacteria. This example is a crucial learning opportunity, highlighting the necessity for facility operators to implement thorough practices to prevent similar incidents. Additionally, it stresses the importance of being prepared for potential repercussions, should an incident occur despite best efforts.

About the Author:

John Mee M.W.M.Soc., an expert in the industry for over a decade; and Technical Manager at SMS Environmental, has written this guidance drawing on expertise in Risk Assessment, Authorising Engineer (Water) and Site Management.

Stay informed and prioritise safety by reaching out to our team for personal guidance on managing Legionella risks in your splash parks and interactive water features. Email: hello@sms-environmental.co.uk or call: 08001382121 to find out more.

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